Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not Ready to Make Nice

The Dixie Chicks had it right.

Barack Obama thinks that "family should be off limits." He's right. Family should be off limits. But if Sarah Palin's family is off limits, mine should be, too.

How does that sound, Governor Palin? You stop using my family for your politics, and stop trying to legislate religion, and your family will immediately be off limits. Deal? No, I didn't think it would be.

And that's why I'm not ready to make nice.

My family is dangerous. It says so right in the Republican party's new platform. They support an amendment to dissolve my family.

But it's not just gays like me who need to be afraid. Sarah Palin wants an America where no one except Sarah Palin has any freedom.

Women are dangerous, and shouldn't be allowed to make their own choices. Sarah Palin opposes abortion in all cases, even when the mother is a victim of incest, or has been raped. (And once young women are forced to carry these pregnancies to term, Sarah Palin will help to ensure that they are homeless!)

Jews are dangerous, and they put Christians at risk with their refusal to accept Jesus as their savior. Sarah Palin attends a church which believes that terrorism is God's way of punishing Israel for not converting.

Science is dangerous. It teaches people how the world works, and helps them make informed, intelligent choices. Sarah Palin seeks to undermine science education and enforce religion in our schools by teaching creationism.

We've seen what happens when an ignorant leader tries to force his morality on America, and it's not pretty. John McCain's age alone means that a Palin presidency is a serious possibility.

There's too much at stake to make nice.


  1. Personally, I blame gay marriage for my lack of a fulfilling relationship at the moment.

    It's so much easier than actually doing something about it.

  2. It's probably true, Carolyn. I can't speak for the Husband, but it's always been my goal to destroy heterosexual pairings. You might enjoy this music video, too:

    It's All Because (The Gays are Getting Married)

  3. Jesus wants the gay babies to live to grow up and get married. Duh.

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  5. The first time I heard the phrase "intelligent design" I thought it was a reference to Dyson vaccuum cleaners.

    Your speech was niceley spun, Palin, but there's a difference between being 'sincere' and telling the truth.

    I guess what I mean to say is: I agree with you. (Mark, that is.) On all points.