Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm Too Conventional, I'm Destroying Marriage!

My marriage to the Husband is my first marriage. It's his first marriage, too. In fact, we're both the first men with whom the other has cohabited. Nor has either of us cohabited with a woman.

Who cares, right? I mean, this is boring stuff.

Well, John McCain cares. Right on his own website, he's got articles proclaiming his anti-gay marriage street cred:

Senator McCain supports traditional marriage and is opposed to same-sex "marriage." He voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, and publicly endorsed and campaigned for the Arizona marriage initiative in 2006.

Defending marriage. Presumably, he is defending marriage from the likes of my husband and I. I mean, we are out to destroy marriage and society, with our monogamy (not that there's anything wrong with deciding not to be monogamous -- that's just not for us!) and consideration of real estate purchases. When we go to Williams-Sonoma and buy a 4,000 pound cast iron pan for $12,000, we'll probably use it to bash in the heads of an elderly married couple, or a baby, or something.

But who is going to defend marriage from John McCain? It's certainly not news that John McCain has been married nearly as many times as Elizabeth Taylor. But the LA Times would like you to know that McJohn McDefend McMarriage McCain obtained a marriage license to marry Cindy nearly a full month before his divorce from his previous wife was finalized. That's not just classy, it supports marriage. John McCain loves marriage so much that he had more than one marriage at the same time.

So just to make sure that I understand the situation, I'm going to recap what I understand:
  1. My marriage, by virtue of the man-loving, flies in the face of tradition.
  2. Flying in the face of tradition devalues society, and makes the baby Jesus cry.
  3. John McCain can marry as many women as he wants, and ditch them whenever he meets a pretty young thing. Especially if she's rich.
  4. ???
  5. John McCain values the American family.
Whatever goes on in step four must be really complicated, because I don't get it at all.

[McCain was still married to his wife when he got married to his mistress -- AMERICAblog]


  1. I know my own marriage has gotten ten times more turbulent ever since you got hitched.

  2. I imagine its difficult for you to see the forest for the trees also.

    The issue for traditional marriage advocates, like myself is not the micro issue you are discussing, but the macro issues of perpetuation of the human race, the general societal good of having the biological parents of a child raise their own children, and the preservation of values that comes through the parent-child relationship. The government has a legitimate interest in promoting those interests, the combination of which can only be accomplished through traditional marriage.

  3. So Publicola, when will you be petitioning California to amend the state constitution to outlaw divorce? I mean, wouldn't that do more to protect families? You want biological parents raising their own children, and the majority of children not being raised by their biological parents are being raised in single parent and step-parent households. So stopping me from getting married won't help that. Stopping heterosexuals from getting divored might, though. I assume you'll get right on that.

  4. Mark, I think your marriage strengthens the institution of marriage. When people can freely chose to marry the person they love -- that's what marriage is about. All this crap about deciding who is allowed to marry and who isn't -- that demeans marriage.

    Publicola, not all biological parents are fit or able to raise their children (even many of the ones who are out there doing so). Genetics isn't what makes a family. "Non-traditional" families who raise their children intelligently, mindfully, and with love are just as valid and vital to our society and should be celebrated and supported. It's incredibly narrow to think that a family can only be the standard dollhouse doll combination of people.

  5. Hold on everyone, hold on. Are gay couples stealing children from their biological parents? Did I miss something in the news? All I heard was something about salmonella and Jesse Jackson.